Day Centre

Day Centre Services

Care @ Home have decided to open A day Centre on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, Except during Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Each Day is for older people with generic needs.

The centre is not open during Christmas or Bank Holidays.

Transport is available on a limited basis and people are encouraged to use other means of transport where possible. There may be difficulties accessing your road/property with the bus.

There is a charge for attendance, Transport and meals, you will be informed of the charges specific to you once you have been offered a place.

The Day Centre can take 12 people each day.

The Day Centre will be fitted with a Communal Lounge and dining area.

The Day Centre Can Accommodate people with physical Disabilities.

Care @ Home Day Centre employs a team of suitable qualified and trained staff who are able to meet your needs and support the service. We also work with other professionals where appropriate, and encourage volunteers to complement the core service.

As a family run Business we are all carers and we have a great team out in the field to help with the growing demand for this service, so we will never be short of dedicated staff.

  • Monday 9-4 Day Price £35.00
  • Wednesday 9-4 Day Price £35.00
  • Friday 9-4 Day Price £35.00
  • Transport Extra £5.00